The great chefs of Montpellier gathered to receive their star

The Pourcel brothers for the Jardin des sens, Guillaume Leclere for his restaurant Leclere, Laurent Cherchi for Reflet d’Obione and Daniel Lutrand for Pastis… joined by Romain Berkrouber and Denis Martin (The Marcel, in Sète) received this Wednesday morning, at the Jardin des sens, their plaque illustrating their Michelin star, during a celebration organized by Métro. Only Charles Fontès (Reserve Rimbaud) was missing, excused.

“I was at the hotel school in Avignon, you came to make interventions. The transmission was great. Being here today is very symbolic for me. I would like to thank you and congratulate you.” Like Denis Martin, the chef of The Marcel in Sète, like Guillaume Leclère, of the eponymous restaurant, who made his first restaurant in Montpellier at the Jardin des sens, to celebrate his arrival from Reims and the signing of the lease for his first apartment (“I was 18, it’s a good memory”, he smiles), officially receiving the plaque marking their first star at the Jardin des sens, Montpellier’s locomotive of gourmet restaurants, is not insignificant. Laurent Cherchi (Reflet d’obione) and Daniel Lutrand (Pastis) were also there, four of the five starred restaurants in Montpellier. Only Charles Fontès (Réserve Rimbaud), retained and excused, was missing from this ceremony organized by Métro.

We’ll see where it takes us

For Montpellier’s most famous twins, Jacques and Laurent Pourcel, and their partner Olivier Chateau, “We are a bit old in history. This first star? After only eight months of opening, it’s good, some have been waiting for it for fifteen years. And it’s a bit of a logical continuation. We had closed with a star, we are reopening with a star. We are also satisfied for the team, it proves that we are doing quality, and it brings us people. We will see where it will take us. But we don’t want to not be in the competition either.” In any case in the race for stars towards Michelin. Because rather than competition between the gourmet restaurants of Montpellier, for the chefs gathered, it is more a question of emulation and complementarity.

Montpellier finally on the map

With our star, we, a young company, have seen the differenceconfides Laurent Cherchi, of the Reflet d’Obione. That the Jardin des sens has its own is good too. In addition, they have a luxury hotel. Tourists who come for several days, and for some from abroad, also make the others starry.” What finally and permanently install Montpellier on the map of French gastronomy.

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