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The incredible journey of a cat who involuntarily finds himself 400 kilometers from his home!

Musch was the protagonist of a story that was incredible to say the least. While heating technicians intervened at the home of his adopters, he slipped into the van… and traveled nearly 400 km, neither seen nor known!

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Monday, March 21, 2022, The Journal of the Center devoted an article to Musch, a cat whose curiosity played him a bad trick. The Angora lives with his friend Moona Siamese, in the picturesque hamlet of Pray (department ofaisne). Philip, Audrey and their 3 children complete the pretty family picture.

The 2 felines are simply inseparable. Sessions of games, cuddles and naps punctuated their days, until Musch disappears… Coming home from work, the couple noticed the strange absence of their 4-legged friend.

The technicians left with one of the members of the household

To understand the disappearance of Muschlet’s focus on Anise and Aymen, 2 heating engineers came to make some adjustments after the family installed a heat pump in the house. During the intervention, the animal with the velvet paws slipped into their van, without anyone noticing it.

Once their task was completed, the professionals returned to their vehicle and returned to Grenoble (Isere). During the return trip, they absolutely had no idea that a “stowaway” had settled among their equipment!

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” Home Sweet Home ! »

Fortunately, all’s well that ends well. After discovering the unexpected traveler, Anise and Aymen have contacted its owners to reassure them. Luckily, they had to go to the capital, and promised to bring him back the next day.

They were adorableconfided the mother of the family to our colleagues from Center Journal, he didn’t miss anything, on the contrary, they had bought a lot of food on the menu. He was pampered, protected as if it were theirs. »

Despite his wanderings, Musch remained unfazed. He played with Moonthen lay down comfortably in his wicker basket.

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