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The incredible outpouring of solidarity to find a cat that has been missing for 4 months

Nutty, a 13-year-old black cat, was found four months after his disappearance in Lagny-sur-Marne (77). The feline owes its salvation to a moving outpouring of solidarity and the unwavering determination of its master, Philippe. He shared his joy with

I didn’t find her, we found her “. It is not without emotion that Philippe P., resident of Lagny-sur-Marne, in Seine-et-Marne, announces to his community that his cat Nutty returns 4 months after his disappearance (24/8/2022 ).

“When she disappeared, it was terrible”

It must be said that the master went through many moments of doubt during these long months of intensive research. “JI adopted Nutty, or rather, Nutty adopted mehe explains to There has always been something very special between her and me. We have formed extremely strong bonds. So when she disappeared it was terrible… »

On April 30, 2022, Philippe takes his cat to work, a residence for seniors. Unfortunately for both of them, everything changes: an important call, a poorly closed door and an unexpected crowd outside… the scaredy cat escapes Philippe’s vigilance and flees in panic. ” I looked for it everywherehe remembers. I asked everyone in the residence. But impossible to lay hands on it. I was devastated… Everything happened so fast. »

A community is formed to find Nutty

Three weeks after Nutty’s disappearance, Ukrainian residents send him a video in which the cat is visible. ” That day I had missed it by 2 minutes “, the master has moved. Philippe then decides to create a Facebook group, contacts local journalists and installs cameras at the scene of the disappearance.

One of the many “Nuttynautes” is happy to see Nutty!/DR

Very quickly, residents flocked to the social network, and an article appeared in the weekly magazine La Marne. Many pictures of black cats flourish on the group “A la recherche de Nutty”, numbering up to 150 people, “Nuttynautes”. Some go so far as to go out into the street and put out drinks to lure the poor away. “Jwas touched by Philippe’s great distressexplains Martine, one of the inhabitants of the columns of La Marne. As soon as I’m in the neighborhood where she disappeared, I take the time to look for her and call her, and above all I support Philippe as much as I can..”

False reports and a saving call

After several weeks of reports and just as many disappointments, Philippe ” starting to lose hope “. Until the day when the master receives a message accompanied by 3 pictures of a cat that looks like Nutty, in a pavilion, close to his work. Doubt sets in; another person also states having seen the same animal. ” It can only be her hopes Philippe, who rushes to the scene.

Unfortunately, no one answers when I callhe regrets. So I write a letter describing my situation and send it. The next day, the owner of the pavilion contacts him: “ He explains to me on the phone that he has a cat himself and that he sometimes feeds those who pass by, including a cat that looks like Nutty “Philippe goes there:” A black cat appears. I call her and she hangs up. She is careful, looking at me. »

“It’s your Nutty!” »

Philippe manages to get hold of the animal and take it to the vet to make sure it really is nutty. ” I was afraid of giving myself false hope. And the tattoo was hard to read… ” After long minutes of waiting, the vet puts his hand on Philippe’s arm and informs him: ” It’s all about your Nutty “.

I am beyond grateful to all the people who participated in this study.

Phillip P.

His relief, Philippe shares it on social networks with his community: ” I would like to thank Blandine, Murielle, Rosaline, Nathalie, Colette, Francine, the young people at the hostel, Tony and Océane… and everyone! To be honest, I didn’t really believe it anymore, and the many messages of support helped me stick with it “, he writes under the moved messages from “Nuttynautes”.

Treated, the animal has since returned to where it was before this (mis)adventure. As if nothing had happened! ” We found our little habitsrejoices Philippe. I am beyond grateful to all the people who participated in this study. I know not everyone is so lucky. »

The 30 Million Friends Foundation is pleased with this happy outcome and emphasizes the importance of pet identification.


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