The incredible rescue of 4,000 mistreated Beagle dogs – Ouest-France evening edition

On July 7, 2022, the American animal welfare organization will recover 4,000 Beagle dogs from Virginia, United States. A historic rescue. The reason ? The owner of the animals, a breeding center, was pinned down by justice for mistreatment.

The city of Cumberland, in the state of Virginia, in the United States. (Map: West-France)

A historic rescue is about to take place in the town of Cumberland, Virginia, USA. On July 7, 2022, the American animal rights organization, The Humane Society, announced the massive transfer of 4,000 mistreated Beagle dogs to their breeding farm with the help of the government, reports the British daily. The Daily Mail. The Humane society specifies that this operation will take weeks to be completed. As a result, the American organization received a large wave of popular support, across the country.

The owner of these thousands of dogs is “an Envigo breeding center” reports the CNN television channel. The company was pinned by the American justice system for mistreatment following several inspections by the American Department of Agriculture, between July 2021 and March 2022. These had revealed no less than 73 violations of the law on the protection of animals.

A long-term investigation

Suspicions of abuse began in 2021, when the US Department of Agriculture checked the breeding. Officials discovered a female Beagle with a paw stuck in poorly maintained ground. The dog had been trapped for so long that she was dehydrated. Subsequently, other inspections took place, confirming the ill-treatment.

On May 19, 2022, the authorities filed a complaint and it was finally at the beginning of July that the transfer of the dogs was authorized, after an agreement between Envigo, the Ministry of Justice and The humane society was reached. .

But how to organize this massive transfer and where to place the dogs next? Especially since in the middle of summer, shelters in the United States already have no more room. The humane society therefore asked for help on its social networks and on its website to find places and financial funds.

Popular solidarity for dogs

A contract has already been signed with five shelters, located throughout the country, to accommodate some of the survivors. One of them, Homeward Trails, has already collected 446 dogs from Envigo, as early as March 2022, following a seizure by federal agents. In a statement posted on the Homeward Trails website Sue Bell, founder and director of the shelter, clarified that it is “of one of the largest coordinated dog rescues ever, it’s truly a collective effort. It’s really gratifying to know that these dogs will have the life they deserve.” .

To continue arranging the transfer, “one of the logistics priorities will be determining which dogs should be released first, such as puppies or pregnant and nursing dogs, as they can be socialized from a young age”Sue Bell suggested to the American newspaper Tea New York Times .

In addition to the places found in shelters, many people have volunteered to take one or more dogs into their homes. This is the case, in particular, of Cassie Staubus, already the owner of a 6-year-old Beagle dog and two other dogs. “It’s just great to save a life and give them love when they’ve never had it before”she confided, still at the New York Times.

The animal welfare organization has also received financial support from 663 donors, via his page Facebook. In four days, 29,037 dollars have already been raised, or approximately €28,629.

If the operation goes as planned, some of the Beagles will be available for adoption from the end of August 2022, after being sterilized, vaccinated and cared for. For other Beagles, such as older ones who have only experienced breeding Envigo, it will take longer for them to be placed in their new home.

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