The incredible transformation of the dog Zelda after being adopted

Zelda was found in early May, wandering around the city Katherinein Australia, by the city council. His state of health and his physical appearance were degraded. She looked upset and downcast. His coat was uneven, and his skin damaged, also with many cuts.

Zelda was treated at Katherine’s pound

Upon arrival, Zelda was taken care of by a veterinarian, who estimated her age between 12 and 18 months. The doctor gave her a pill to free her from the fleas she was infested with. As for his skin, he thinks his poor condition was due to stress.

After being treated, Zelda was fed and given large doses of affection at the pound for several weeks.

A woman fell for Zelda and decided to adopt her

The shelter posted a photo of the dog on social media and shared her story. That’s when Allison Forbes fell in love with her.

I thought maybe it was time to get a boyfriend. I didn’t expect to find a dog I would fall in love with, but she jumped out at me.”, she said in lyrics reported by Katherine Times. “She seemed, in the photo, happy to get attention, which made me fall in love with her – her beautiful nature – to be in that kind of state and still be happy.

Zelda has been transformed since finding a new home

Since being rescued, the health of Zelda is improving day by day. She still has scars on her muzzle, but her hair has grown back and is covering them. Nevertheless, Zelda above all rediscovered the joy of living. Allison Take care of her. She gives him a lot of love, and it shows. The new owner is amused by the fact that the dog loves to occupy three quarters of her bed to sleep.

In the photos, the animal shines and seems fulfilled. A real transformation, which is a pleasure to see!

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