the lawyer of the police officer indicted contests the “voluntary homicide”

The lawyer for the police officer who killed two men on the Pont-Neuf in Paris last Sunday deemed the indictment of his client “irrelevant”.

Laurent-Franck Liénard, lawyer for the policeman who killed two men on the Pont-Neuf in Paris on Sunday who allegedly rushed back to a patrol by car, told our AFP colleagues on Thursday that he found “irrelevant ” the indictment of his client for ” intentional homicide “.

“The qualification used in this case (for the shooting of the driver of the vehicle who was killed, editor’s note) is perhaps political but it is not relevant”, declared this lawyer. Voluntary homicide is punishable by 30 years’ imprisonment. “A police officer who uses his administrative weapon to arrest an offender does not want to kill him: he wants to stop a dangerous action”, insisted Me Liénard, adding: “The homicidal intention is not in the state of spirit of the policeman when he opens fire”.

According to him, in this case, the qualification adopted should be “willful violence resulting in death without intention to give it”, a criminal qualification punishable by fifteen years of imprisonment, retained for the front passenger of the vehicle by the judges of instruction.

Asked whether his client had invoked self-defense to explain his shooting, the lawyer refused to answer in the name of the secrecy of the instruction. “It’s the substance of the case, it’s the instruction that will determine it,” he said.

An indictment qualified as “inadmissible” by Alliance

While the Alliance union, classified on the right, described this indictment as “inadmissible” and called for a rally before the Paris Court of Appeal, Me Liénard regretted that “everyone is excited. The unions of police want to recover this file, I say that it is necessary to keep the reason.

“What matters will be the qualification used when the case is referred to a trial court”, he also underlined.

The 24-year-old peacekeeper was indicted on Wednesday evening for “intentional homicide” concerning the driver, “intentional violence by a person holding public authority resulting in death without intention to give it” concerning the front passenger and for “aggravated willful violence by a person holding public authority” against the rear passenger. He was placed under judicial supervision.

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