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the lawyers of the Bordeaux bar are mobilizing to help the victims

That day, it was Jérôme Delas, lawyer at the Bordeaux bar, who advised Morgane. “I had to evacuate with very little business”, assures the latter who adds having difficulties with her insurance, hence her visit to the Departmental House. “The first thing to do is to declare your claim in writing, written proof is essential in this type of case”, assures him the lawyer.

Compensation on a case-by-case basis

“The concerns of the people I see or my colleges meet revolve around three questions: when can I return to the sector, when can I recover my property and above all how will I be compensated? “, explains Jérôme Delas. Regarding compensation, the latter ensures that “it happens on a case-by-case basis” depending on the type of contract. “Insurance is obliged to respect what has been signed. If she does not do this, the client has the possibility of giving her formal notice to force her to compensate him,” he explains.

This helpline for disaster victims was set up thanks to an agreement between the Bordeaux Bar and the Department of Gironde. One of its vice-presidents, Sébastien Saint-Pasteur, also present this Thursday morning, assures that “there is a real desire to help among lawyers and in the population”. “It really warms the heart,” he concludes.

Consultations every morning from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at least until July 29. An email address has also been set up:

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