The Magnum Ice Cream Bar returns to the Marais in Paris

By Manon C., Rizhlaine F. Photos by My B. Posted Jun 1, 2022 11:38 AM

Food lovers, Magnum is back with its pop-up ice cream shop in the heart of the Marais. You can taste the famous ice creams and even make your own composition, for a moment of indulgence until the end of the fine weather!

With the arrival of good weather, the bars and terraces keep filling up and we crave good ice cream in Paris, don’t you? This spring-summer 2022Magnum is back with its concept of ice cream shop short-lived. For the fourth consecutive year, it is making a comeback in Marsh ! The appointment is given throughout the summer, as long as the good weather lasts.

The concept, to be discovered until September 30, is simple. A stone’s throw from the Saint-Paul metro station, in a corner of the Paved streetthe now well-known address for gourmets awaits you for a personalized experience. You choose the coating like a dip ice cream, you choose the toppings of your choice which are then shaken before coming to coat your ice cream. A topping of your choice comes to bring the final touch to your delicacy!

The Magnum ice cream bar back in the Marais in ParisThe Magnum ice cream bar back in the Marais in ParisThe Magnum ice cream bar back in the Marais in Paris

The combinations are many. Starting from a simple ice creamyour ice takes shape in a few minutes, according to the rhythm of the choices and the desires of each one: we coat dark chocolate, white chocolate or milk chocolate, we decorate with toppings (caramelized grilled almonds, chocolate shavings, praline, grilled pistachios, coconut …), we wait for everything to freeze, we take a picture and we savor YOUR ice cream!

So what will your ice cream be?

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