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The morning “zooms” of this dog delight her many fans on TikTok (video)

Every morning, Sapphie gratifies her family with a moment of sweet madness during which she lets all her joie de vivre explode, to the delight of her humans and the many Internet users who follow her on TikTok. This female dog fully deserves her title of “Queen of zoomies”.

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The “zoomies” are those episodes where the overexcited dogs start running in all directions and let their energy explode. Phases that are fun to see and entertain. They are also and more seriously called FRAPs, an acronym for “Frenetic Random Activity Periods”.

Sheena and Sunit Shahwho lives San Diego in California, are lucky to have an expert in the field in their family. This is their female dog Saphiea 2 year old Pomsky (German Spitz / Siberian Husky).

The couple devotes an account to him on TikTokwhere his adorable videos are followed by nearly half a million subscribers.

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Every day when you wake up, it’s a Saphie completely unleashed who begins to twirl from one room to another, externalizing her incredible energy and excitement under the eyes of her humans. A real tornado on 4 legs that nothing seems to be able to stop, except exhaustion. It’s not for nothing that its owners call it ” the queen of zoomies “.

A mind-blowing morning ritual!

One of these videos recently posted on TikTok reached new heights in terms of audience, since it totals nearly 9 million views to date. We see the dog at work, in one of those great moments of joy.

titled ” Just another day from my morning ZOOMIES she offers a glimpse of the incredible spectacle to which Sheena and Sunit Shah are entitled every morning. What to give them the fishing to attack the day in the most beautiful way. Here is the sequence in question:

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? original sound – Sapphie the Pomsky


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