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The moving reunion of a lost cat and his mistress filmed by a videophone (video)

Worried about their cat, which had gone missing hours earlier, Roxy and her husband set out to find it, but the animal was nowhere to be found. In the evening, the family got a nice surprise, which was filmed by their video phone.


Roxy Heinhorst and her husband dragon Inhabit East Peoria in the state of Illinois. The couple has an American Shorthair namedolives and 5 years old.

The cat is not the type to venture outside. He greatly prefers the comfort and safety of home with his people. So when he left home and remained untraceable for long hours, they were extremely afraid of him, reported Msn.

The incident took place on Tuesday 27 September. This morning, Roxy and dragon had left the house in a hurry to go to work. olives had taken advantage of this commotion to go out.

Its owners had only realized this when they returned from work at the end of the day. They got the confirmation by watching the footage of their video phone. From then on, they began looking for him, combing the neighborhood and asking the neighbors if any of them had seen him.

Despite their efforts, they still had no news of the cat. Then shortly after 19 local time, Roxy went out to take the lid offolives on the porch when she saw a familiar figure approach the door. It was him!

“We were so glad to know he was safe”

Moved and relieved, she immediately took him in her arms. 12 hours after evaporating, olives was home safe and sound. Here is the video of the scene, recorded by the videophone:

dragon looked back on this moment that he and his wife will not soon forget. ” We had just returned home after searching the neighborhood for a few hourshe says. We were so glad to know it was safe as we live near a busy highway and our neighborhood has had coyote visits before as well. »

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