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The moving story of Baxter, a dog who intensely lived his last day in this world (video)

Euthanizing a pet is one of the most painful decisions an owner can have to make. This is what lived Ellie Bucklerwho had to say goodbye to his dog Baxterreported People.

In a video posted on TikTok on July 21, the young woman immortalized the last day of her friend Shar-Pei, who had been part of her life for 12 years.

The footage shows the elderly and sick quadruped receiving hugs fromEllie Buckler and other members of the family, including congeners, to taste all sorts of dishes which, ordinarily, are forbidden to dogs and to treat themselves to a pleasant walk.

The mistress of Baxter wanted her last day before the fateful vet appointment to be special. She indeed was. Ellie Buckler stayed by his side until the end.

The moving video ends with images of Baxter in the car, on the way to the veterinary clinic, then on a rainbow, in reference to the bridge that our animals cross to go to Paradise.


Running in the big fields in the sky?? love yoor forever baby boy ???? 12 years wasnt long enough ???? #dogslastday #fyp #bestfriend

? Stuff We Did (From “Up”) – Mark Northam

Running over vast fields in the sky. I love you forever my baby. 12 years was not long enough “, can we read in the caption.

Baxter been part of the family since birth. The parents ofEllie Buckler had adopted Rolothe mother of the Shar-Pei who died in 2018. The young woman had not been able to say goodbye to the dog and did not want it to be repeated with her faithful companion.

In recent years, the state of health of Baxter had seriously deteriorated. The vets didn’t give him long to live. Everyone thought he wouldn’t reach his 11e birthday, but he did and even blew his 12e candle.

Then his troubles got worse. The pain related to his arthritis became unbearable, he had more and more trouble breathing and could no longer eat without suffering. The veterinarian advised his masters to put him under palliative care and to think about euthanasia, because there was nothing more to be done to save him.

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“It was the best decision we could have made for him”

The decision was made as a family and a date set. ” As heartbreaking as it was, we had to do what was right. It wouldn’t have been right to let him continue to suffer this way », says Ellie Buckler.

Baxter liked to sleep on the terrace. The day before, the father-in-law ofEllie Buckler spent the night outside with him. On the last day, after treats and visits, he was taken to the vet at 6 p.m. ” I stroked him during the injection and he left in my arms “, remembers, moved, its owner.

It is no longer the same at home; not to hear him trudging and grunting. But I know it was the best decision we could have made for him “, she concludes.


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