The moving video of a dog and a cat who find themselves after a year of separation

The phrase “getting along like cat and dog” loses its meaning in this story. Indeed, Bobbie, the tomcat and Winnie, the doggie, had created very strong ties during their 4 months together. The separation had been heartbreaking. The reunion was all the more beautiful.

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April Butler is an animal lover. She shares her life with Winnie, his adorable, often anxious dog. Last year, april welcomed a 6-week-old kitten into her home until she finds adoptive parents.

“Winnie and Bobbie developed a really sweet bond and became best friends. It was great to have a furry companion for Winnie, and they would play all day if we let them.”has explained april at La Stampa.

The baby cat, with its carelessness and joy of life, indeed brought a lot of comfort to the dog.

When Bobbie has finally found its forever home, Winnie was devastated. She was looking for her friend all over the house. “She was waiting at the door of the laundry room where Bobbie used to sleep. Eventually, Winnie accepted that he was gone”told april.

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april and the new family of Bobbie stayed in touch and even made friends. When the couple of adopters looked for a pet-sitter for their tomcat during the holidays, they immediately thought of the young woman.

Bobbie so came back home april for several days. She wondered if they were going to recognize each other and how the meeting was going to go.

As a precaution, she decided to go step by step, presenting the animals through a glass door.

But as we can observe on the video, this caution was ultimately not necessary.

“I couldn’t believe Winnie’s excitement and how quickly she identified Bobbie despite the fact that he had grown up. You could see how much love they had for each other! It was a very special moment”has explained april.

From now on, Winnie and Bobbie will meet for the holidays.

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