The moving video of an American soldier who finds his dog after 11 months of separation

A US National Guard soldier was forced to entrust his faithful companion to a shelter during the 11 months of his deployment abroad. The community of his city has mobilized to ensure that the reunion takes place under the best auspices and that this moment of joy remains engraved forever.

Robert McCann is a National Guard sergeant who was estranged from his children and his German Shepherd, named Thor, for 11 very long months.

The soldier had planned a babysitting solution in a home for his doggie. But at the last moment, he finally had to entrust him to the Fox Breeze Kennel and Groominga shelter in the city ofAnneville in the state of Delaware to United States.

Marlene Boythe founder of the association, pampered Thor throughout her master’s absence, so much so that she became terribly attached to him. “As you can see I cried all day because I knew he was leaving, but tears of joy. It is not a cry of sadness. It’s just heartbreaking to me that Thor isn’t here anymore.”she confided.

This Wednesday, July 6, 2022, Robert finally came back from his mission and couldn’t wait to join his beloved dog.

The reunion sequence filmed by the shelter was very emotional. “I really missed him. I felt a lot of pain knowing that I would not have my pooch with me for almost a year”has explained Robert.

A surge of solidarity

For many months, Marlene prepared a surprise Robert. She appealed to the generosity of the community to raise the amount equivalent to childcare and care costs. Thor.

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“We said to ourselves that we had to organize donations, and some people offered 100 euros, others 5… every penny counts. We raised nearly 3,500 euros”said Felicia Lentinithe director of Fox Breeze Kennel and Grooming.

Robert was deeply touched by so much concern. “I really didn’t expect this! It’s heartwarming and a huge relief to know that there are people who still care about us and help us”he revealed, his eyes filled with tears.

The amount collected being more substantial than the amount of the invoice, Robert plans to start a nonprofit soon to help veterans like him.

The duo is now back home and enjoying life to the fullest.


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