the Niçois sink the Bordeaux people who are approaching Ligue 2!

Dante (OGC Nice) proud of the progress made at the Canal+ microphone

“We are still in contact with the podium, it’s good to see that we have progressed in certain areas, to still show a very strong spirit, this desire to win matches. It’s a Cup that our supporters have been waiting for so long a long time and we players want to give them this pride. It’s up to us to rest. There will be a great team in front. We will all have to be mobilized to make a grand final.”

The first words of Guilavogui (Bordeaux) at the microphone of Canal +

“It’s not enough, it’s not enough! We want to take the three points at home, we want results, we still had a good shot to make. We’re not having such a bad game but it’s not technically it’s not clean enough once again, it’s hard We know that this season it’s very difficult we’re lucky to still have people to encourage us but it’s not enough have to win as many matches as possible.”

This is the end of this meeting!

Nice won on the lawn of Bordeaux (0-1), thanks to a goal from Andy Delort (74th), as part of the 35th day of Ligue 1. The OGCN climbed to fifth place in the championship standings de France, while the Girondins remain 19th, four units from the place of barrage currently occupied by Saint-Etienne.

The post for Nice!

In the penalty area, Lotomba manages to strike with his left foot, but his ball crashes into the post! Behind, Brahimi insists, with the right foot, but his ball flies over!

Corner for Bordeaux

Klidje, from a distance, strikes with the right foot, but Dante blocks it and concedes the corner.

Bordeaux launches its last cartridges

Onana and Hwang are replaced by Fransergio and Klidje.

We change again

In Nice, Daniliuc is replaced by Lotomba. There will be no penalty for Bordeaux.

The Var takes action

After this corner, Onana, in the penalty area, places his head, but it is not on target. We check a potential penalty for Bordeaux, after a hand from Todibo.

Big intervention from Bard

And it’s a corner for Bordeaux, obtained by Oudin.

Delort, close to doubling!

Served in the penalty area, Delort, off center on the left side in the penalty area, takes his chance, with a header, but his ball flies past the goal.

Gouiri shows up

From a distance, Gouiri strikes with the right foot, but it does not fit.

We change again in Bordeaux

Lacoux is replaced by Briand.

Bordeaux is getting closer to Ligue 2

If the score remains there, then Bordeaux would remain four points behind Saint-Etienne, roadblocker. Hwang is flagged for offside.

The flag rises

Bordeaux were ahead, but Oudin was offside.

This goal is validated!

The VAR confirms this goal.

Opening of the score for Nice!!!!

Delort was offside at the start of the action, but he was brought into play by Lacoux. The Niçois, up close, took the opportunity to score, with a shot from the right foot!

New double change in Nice

Kluivert and Rosario are replaced by Stengs and Lemina.

We keep changing

For Bordeaux, Oudin and Mara replace Niang and Dilrosun.

We come back to the fault

Rosario does not escape the yellow card, after his foul on Onana.

A second period in Nice

Since the resumption, the Nice have struck four times, against zero attempt for Bordeaux.

Nice continues the corners

The Niçois continue to push, with new corners, obtained by Melvin Bard and Justin Kluivert.

Let’s go for the changes

In Nice, Dolberg and Boudaoui are replaced by Gouiri and Brahimi.

Bordeaux try to go on the attack

But the flag goes up for an offside position from Hwang.

The referee’s whistle

After a full-axis header from Delort, in the penalty area, the referee whistled.

What a parade of Costil!

After this corner, Thuram, at close range, sends a powerful header, but Costil has a hell of a reflex to get the ball out and concede another corner!

Nice insists

The Niçois get a corner, thanks to Hichem Boudaoui.

Too many mistakes in Nice

The Niçois make too many mistakes and can’t be more dangerous than that.

Mensah, him again

New defensive intervention from Bordeaux. From a distance, Pablo Rosario had also struck, with the right foot, without managing to find the frame.

Bard, it’s going in front of the goal!

At the entrance to the penalty area, Kluivert strikes with the right foot, but Guilavogui blocks it. Behind, off-center on the left side, in the penalty area, Bard takes the ball with his left foot, but his ball flies past the goal!

In Nice, we go to the warm-up

Lemina and Gouiri are currently warming up, while we left quietly in this second act.

We left with the same

No change to report, at the break, on either side.

It’s time for the second period!

The kick-off was given and Nice engaged.

It’s halftime!

After the first 45 minutes of play, Bordeaux and Nice are still tied (0-0).

Delort dangerous!

From a distance, Delort strikes with the right foot, but it slips away.

Nice tries to react

The Niçois go back on the attack, after a few adverse situations.

Lacoux insists

From a distance, Lacoux strikes with the right foot, but it is not on target.

Hwang was offside

After a Mensah festival, Hwang is kicked off. In the area, he lost his one against one against Benitez, with his right foot. But he was offside at the start of the action.

The OGCN lays siege to the opposing goal

But all the Bordelais are obliged to defend, in front of their penalty area.

The people of Nice still do not have the solution

For his part, Dilrosun, from afar, strikes with his left foot, but Thuram counters him.

The game is chopped

The Bordelais multiply the faults, near their surface.

Thuram shows up

On this free kick, Thuram, in the penalty area, places his head, but his ball slips past.

Marcelo is warned

The Bordelais was guilty of a fault on Dolberg.

We arrive at the half hour of play

Bordeaux can raise their block and breathe a little.

The Bordeaux people fold

But they don’t break. However, the OGCN now multiplies the situations and even obtains a corner, thanks to Dolberg.

New strike for Nice

At the entrance to the penalty area, Dolberg strikes with the right foot in first intention, but his ball flies wide.

Another recovery error!

Nice takes advantage of it. Served in the penalty area, Delort takes the ball with the right foot, but he is countered by Guilavogui! Bordeaux is playing with fire!

And what about the shots?

Bordeaux and Nice have already struck once each.

Bordeaux residents are feverish

The people of Nice therefore take the opportunity to control the game.

We arrive at the first quarter of an hour of play

Nice has its foot on the ball (56% possession against 44% for Bordeaux).

Thuram already warned

Guilty of a second consecutive foul, Thuram did not escape the yellow card.

What a rescue from Mensah!

Costil, in its surface, is pierced. Behind, he loses the ball and Dolberg is then served in the penalty area. His right foot strike is stopped by Mensah, who saves his own on his line!

The flag rises

Kluivert tried to go on goal, but was eventually offside.

Niang, it’s on target

It is Niang who takes care of this free kick, with his right foot. His ball goes over the wall, but Benitez, who had read the trajectory of the ball well, can calmly grab it.

Hwang in his works

On his oriented control, Hwang had passed. Todibo comes to apologize after his fault. First good free kick for Bordeaux.

The Matmut Atlantique makes noise

Bordeaux supporters strongly encourage their team.

Let’s go for the first period!

The kick-off was given and Bordeaux engaged.

The composition of Nice

Benitez – Daniliuc, Todibo, Dante (c), Bard – Kluivert, Boudaoui, Rosario, Thuram – Dolberg, Delort

The composition of Bordeaux

Costil – Lacoux, Guilavogui (c), Marcelo, Ahmedhodzic – Mensah, Onana, Adli – Dilrosun – Hwang, Niang

Johan Hamel at the whistle

At the Matmut Atlantique in Bordeaux, the referee for the match will be Johan Hamel.

Hello everyone!

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