The Paris of chefs – What Justine Piluso eats

VSamarade of Mory Sacko and Adrien Cachot on the 2020 edition of Top chef, host of cooking shows on Teva and France 3 Aquitaine, this lover of Paris is taking up residence at the ephemeral restaurant Les Petites Mains at the Palais Galliera, until October. A major challenge for the woman who cooks in the very garden of the Fashion Museum of the city of Paris, in front of customers. No cold room, a short menu and an instinctive market menu. The rest of the time ? She visits the addresses she has jotted down in her little notebook as she talks and reads.

His bakery-pastry: Panade
“Merouan Bounekraf (former Top Chef) has opened his ultra-gourmet address next to my house, and I can’t get enough of it. He boldly revisits the great classics, which is part of the collective memory. I’m thinking of his “cruffin”, a mix of muffin (due to its shape) and croissant, because it’s a spectacular whirlwind, made from croissant dough and topped with a béchamel with cheese… A marvel. Just like his cookie he worked like a pie. »
35 Violet Street, 15e.

His canteen: Higuma
“I have an emotional relationship with this restaurant. I associate it with the ritual of the football match with my father who, twice a year and in turn, took one of his four daughters to the stadium on a motorbike – his company offered him two places – and had dinner at Higuma’s. Even today, I find the same cooks there, the same little lady at the reception, and the gyozas like the fried noodles with squid delight me”.
32 bis, rue Sainte-Anne, 1er. Map: count 30 euros.

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A butcher: Arnaud Nicolas

“In addition to his restaurant near the Champ-de-Mars, this best worker in France in charcuterie has opened a shop at the foot of Montmartre. Like him, I don’t like jelly in pies, and his are worked with modern recipes, less greasy and more digestible. I’m not talking about his exceptional sausages or his fine stuffings, which are also very light. For me, it embodies the precursor of modern charcuterie. »
125, rue Caulaincourt, 18e. Arnaudnicolas. Paris

His grocery store: Eastern Sabbah
“I can still see my parents raiding products there. Everything is there: the Maghreb, the Middle East, olives of different qualities… I always find my happiness there. To my taste, they have, for example, the best tahini, lightly roasted, more concentrated and less liquid than the others. Here, I also give in to one of my favorite delicacies: halva, this paste originating from Iran which is the basis of all oriental desserts. »
111 Avron Street, 20e. Such. : 01 40 09 17 46.

Les Petites Mains, 14, avenue du President-Wilson, Paris 16e.
Open every day from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., until October 31.

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