The President of the Gers SPA indicted is suspected of having had a dog killed

Thunderbolt at the Gers SPA, which has had no president since Thursday following its indictment by an examining magistrate in a sordid affair.

It all started not so long ago, since on March 24 the SPA refuge picked up 2 stray dogs in the town of Eauze (32): a Beauceron cross and a sharpei. The first is old and the second younger, neither of the 2 dogs has a chip.

On March 26, the owner of the 2 dogs who had in fact escaped from his home, called the SPA shelter located in Ordan-Larroque but on the phone he was told that none of his 2 dogs were there. The man then puts up posters in his village in the hope of finding them. The owner quickly learns that his dogs have been taken in by the SPA shelter and when he calls back, to his great surprise, he is told that one is dead and the second has run away. The shelter refuses to provide the death certificate of the dog supposedly deceased, the owner will then file a complaint with the gendarmerie.

The investigation will immediately go back to the president of the Marie-France Le Bagousse-Baus refuge, who has just spent 2 days in police custody and indicted in the process for “breach of trust” and “complicity in willful attack to the life of an animal. Justice suspects her of having lied, and worse of having had one of the 2 dogs killed by an accomplice. “She would have given instructions to a third person to put down the dog. What we suspect is that she thought the owner of the dogs was unfit to care for the animals”; “To give credit to that, she would have had the dog put down afterwards,” explains the prosecutor of the Auch court. The first dog could be found because he had already been placed in a family….

Marie-France Le Bagousse-Baus has been placed under judicial control with a ban on exercising a professional activity related to animals. While awaiting his trial, the investigation of the case will take shape but could take time because several animal rights associations in the department have expressed recriminations against the president of the center on social networks.

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