the proliferation of packs of stray dogs worries the inhabitants

The deputy of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP), in the House of Representatives, Hanane Fatras, affirmed that the increasingly present proliferation of packs of stray dogs worries the population of the city of Safi.

In a written question addressed to the Minister of the Interior, the deputy of the Rose party stressed that stray dogs invade neighborhoods, avenues and safiot streets. They are found everywhere, near dumpsters, in the city center, on public roads, main roads and near cars and other parked vehicles.

These animals therefore freely roam the city without any protection being provided to citizens by the authorities concerned, lamented Hanane Fartas. Consequently, families fear for the lives of their children, knowing that many have suffered attacks from stray dogs. Attacks of which also were victims of adult citizens, men and women, and it does not pass a day without one learning that a person has been attacked by a stray dog, continued the USFP member.

She then wondered about the measures that the Department of Abdelouafi Laftit intends to take to protect the Safiot population, in particular children and the elderly, from the attacks of these packs of stray dogs which constitute a constant daily danger for the citizens, living in fear of being bitten or contracting diseases transmitted by these animals.


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