the radical decision of Philippe Etchebest

Wednesday June 22, 2022, M6 broadcast an episode of the show Cauchemar en cuisine. This time, chef Philippe Etchebest went to meet a restaurateur named Raphaël, who found himself in a very difficult situation. Thanks to his son, who called the chef for help, the owner of the establishment was rescued, while his restaurant was in very bad shape. Yet helped by his chef and his waitress, Raphaël could not see the end of the tunnel. And for good reason: customers have deserted his establishment. If Philippe Etchebest is used to coming to the aid of restaurants, this time the chef was clearly disillusioned. At first, he discovered a very dirty kitchen, in which grime was present in all the cooking appliances. An inconceivable situation for this starred chef who made his voice heard when he put the chef of this establishment before his responsibilities.

As usual, the host wanted to see the damage during a service during which the restaurant was full. He brought in dozens of customers. But nothing went as planned. Indeed, the service was catastrophic. Between a waitress who was not aware of what she was to serve, a boss who sets fire to the fireplace and an annoyed cook, the exercise was not conclusive for Philippe Etchebest. So much so that in the middle of the service, no more dishes could come out of the kitchen. Thereby, (…)

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