the reaction of his dog is priceless (video)

A woman pretends to be bitten by her Rottweiler

An owner gave her pet a little teasing. She tricked him into believing he had bitten her to see his reaction.

The Rottweiler is often considered a scary dog ​​breed. However, this mastiff is an affectionate and cuddly companion. This is what this young owner wanted to dismantle.

popular and lovely

The “Gangrottie” account is very popular on TikTok with 1.9 million followers. The videos in this profile show what life is like with three adorable Rottweilers. A video from November 20, 2021 also garnered nearly 200,000 likes. In the video, the owner decides to put one of her four-legged friends to the test.

The young woman begins to play with her dog, bringing her hand to her face and wiggling her nose. The pooch happily plays along and finally grabs his owner’s hand. Suddenly, she looks at her dog in shock. In a sad voice, she says he just bit her (which of course isn’t true).

Sorry mom!

The Rottweiler is visibly shocked by his owner’s reaction and at the same time sorry that he may have hurt her. Of course, he does not know that the young woman is only simulating her pain.

The dog will open the young woman’s hand with its nose and lick her palm to apologize. She smiles back and kisses her beloved pet on the cheek to show that all is well.

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