the Reds stay alive in the title race and stick to City

The Reds win at Villa Park! (1-2)

Vital victory for Liverpool, which finds the way to success on the lawn of Aston Villa! With forceps and thanks to Sadio Mané’s liberating goal in the second half, the Reds are level on points with Manchester City at the top of the Premier League. The Reds are still alive in the title race, but the Cityzens keep their extra game to play, and can come back in front tomorrow at Wolverhampton. What suspense at the end of the English season!

Aston Villa push to equalize

The Villans are extremely pressing in these final minutes. The Reds defenders don’t embarrass themselves whenever they can. Buendia places his head above him on a corner.

Additional time

Four minutes minimum. An eternity for Liverpool.

Klopp very tense, and that’s normal

We feel a lot of tension in the Liverpool camp. The Reds are in front, but Klopp a few meters from his bench knows that a Villa goal could hurt very, very badly.

Villa thought they had equalized!

Huge blow of heat for the Reds, while Ings had pierced Alisson with a grazing half-volley! But fortunately for Liverpool, the Villa striker is reported in an illegal position!

Keïta’s new firecracker!! (1-2)

Always well placed, the Guinean is on the lookout for a corner pushed back in the axis by the defense of the Villans. Keïta tries a heavy shot from the right without control which, with the effect, sees the frame escape for a few centimeters!!

Last change for Villa

Exhausted, Watkins returns to his bench. Former Lyonnais Bertrand Traoré enters for the last ten minutes.

Villa no longer achieves much

We only see Liverpool now on the lawn, which is increasingly suffocating the Villans. Gerrard’s players gradually died out in this second period.

The Reds are looking for a break! (1-2)

Liverpool presses hard on the accelerator, and looks for the KO goal. With a finely played half-volley, Mané forced Cash to narrowly push back on his line, before Matip’s header from a corner was caught by Martinez on the next action!

Klopp responds with a change

The Egyptian Pharaoh Salah enters the track, to come and assist Luis Diaz. The Colombian has, once again, been very good for Liverpool.

New change made by Gerrard

Coutinho returns to the bench, replaced by Buendia, a record transfer in Villa history (38 million euros).

Big release from Alisson!! (1-2)

The Villans’ immediate response was not far away! Found in the back of the Liverpool defence, Ings tries to steal his ball over Alisson, who has come against him, but the Reds goalkeeper places his whole body on the ground to counter the striker’s attempt!!


It’s Mané’s 15th PL goal this season, a terribly important achievement for Liverpool. If the score remained there, the Reds would come back up to City (86 points).


Liverpool finally go in front with a lightning attack, with Thiago launching Luis Diaz with a ball over the defense on the left. The Colombian fixes then crosses towards Mané, who makes the right gesture and deceives Martinez with a perfect uncrossed header!!

Liverpool respond in stride

Klopp in turn makes a change, and brings more experience to his midfield. Thiago comes to take the place of Jones.

First change for the Villans

Applauded by his audience, Nakamba was replaced by Chukwuemeka in midfield.


Liverpool have scored 42 Premier League goals away from home this season, failing to find the net in just one trip (a 0-1 loss at Leicester).

Alexander Arnold does not hang the frame

At the exact same place of his last free kick, Alexander-Arnold tries his luck again directly. The Englishman with the magic right foot wants to surprise Martinez by sending a firecracker on the goalkeeper side, but it goes too far to the right.

Very solid villa

Still held in check, the Reds did try to bring danger to Martinez’s surface but the Villans defense delivered a big game. Jota is seen very little, while Luis Diaz and Mané are closely watched.

Big comeback from Tsimikas

The Reds are off balance, pierced between the lines by McGinn’s pass. Ings launches Watkins on his right in the area, taken over by a superb return from Tsimikas, who comes to intervene.

Martinez faster

Great look from Jones, seeing Luis Diaz’s deep call and looking for a snapped ball. Martinez is ahead of the striker in his area.

Alexander Arnold’s Huge Free Kick!! (1-1)

Free kick quickly obtained by the Reds. Alexander-Arnold takes care of it at 25 meters, slightly off-center to the left. The English side sends a whipped mine from the right which comes to lick the skylight of Martinez, who was beaten!!

It’s back to Birmingham! (1-1)

No change to note at the break, we leave with the same. Remember that Fabinho was already out injured in the first half.

It’s the break at Villa Park! (1-1)

End of this first period at a very high pace, where the two teams did not spare their efforts. At the heart of the first ten totally crazy minutes, Joël Matip (6th) responded to the opener from Douglas Luiz (3rd). Forced to win tonight, the Reds missed many opportunities to move past dangerous Villans in fits and starts.

Mischievous corner of the Reds

Last corner for the Reds, while the pace has (finally) fallen a little. From the right, Alexander-Arnold looks for Jota towards the far post, whose return to the opposite again is close to benefiting Mané. This combination was finely played.

Additional time

Three additional minutes are announced by the fourth referee.

Martinez’s horizontal!! (1-1)

Very bad recovery from Nakamba on a Villans ball out, intercepted by Jones. The Reds midfielder quickly snaps to a roll of the right from 20 meters, which Martinez seizes at the cost of a beautiful flight!

Luis Diaz rocked by Digne

Luis Diaz and Digne continue to deliver a very bitter duel in this first period. In the aerial duel, the French put a good headline to his opponent, involuntary. Diaz goes to get treatment at the edge of the lawn

What a miss from Keïta!! (1-1)

Ooooh the Guinean can blame himself on this huge opportunity! Served on a plateau by Alexander-Arnold, with a pass slammed low to the ground, Keïta has all the latitude to resume without control, but misses his shot from the right from the penalty spot!!

Coutinho’s firecracker

Fearsome sequence of the Digne-Coutinho duo on the left, the last city soliciting the one-two in the right tempo. From far away, the former Barcelonan then takes his chance with a heavy shot that goes over.

Goal denied to Keïta

At the end of a superb collective action, made of small passes in one touch, Keïta takes advantage of a discount from Luis Diaz to push the ball into the empty goal. But the Colombian was offside at the start.

The big tile for Liverpool

A very bad one for Klopp at the end of the Reds season: touched, Fabinho will not be able to continue. Henderson replaces him. The Brazilian does not seem to be devastated, but he must necessarily be thinking about the next huge deadlines for his team in this crucial month of May.

Fabinho injured?

While it is the turn of the Villans to put a lot of pressure, the game is interrupted. Fabinho went to the ground, visibly embarrassed at the back of his left thigh.

Ings not far from the second !! (1-1)

Villa has a left corner. It is played in two stages, and towards McGinn in withdrawal. His cross is good towards the surface, where Ings arises to get ahead of Alisson, and resume with a whim which passes over little!

Alisson is very scared

On a withdrawal from Fabinho, Alisson makes a most surprising choice and looks for his teammate again. But he sends the ball directly to Watkins who came against him, who fortunately cannot control. Otherwise, it was the guaranteed goal!

Mané already saw her in it!! (1-1)

What a cross from Tsimikas from the left, who whips his ball, deposited on the head of Mané. The Senegalese puts it where it comes from, but his helmet shot goes a few centimeters next to the post!!

Villa emerges in disaster

Tsimikas has a free kick that looks like a left corner. The center of the Greek side is good towards Matip in the area, whose header arrives at an opponent. A little in disaster, the defense of Aston Villa manages to emerge.

Digne cleans up

Van Dijk searches for a long ball Luis Diaz towards the local area. In battle, Digne wins against the Colombian and relieves his side by clearing. The Reds have been putting a lot of pressure on for a few minutes.

A worthy of very good evenings

Digne is very busy in his left lane, and offers effective climbs. It is the Frenchman who is in the center on Douglas Luiz’s first goal. The tricolor international takes his chance this time with a half-volley that flies away.

First ten minutes of fire

We don’t have time to breathe in those first ten minutes. Villa Park has already had many opportunities to ignite, the pace is hellish. There is not the slightest downtime.


What a start to the game!! After a free kick played in the box, there is a huge mess in the surface of the Villans. On an attempt by Van Dijk deflected by Martinez, Matip throws himself full length to get on the trajectory and place the ball in the back of the net!!!


The Reds are already taking the broth, despite a decisive Alisson twice in quick succession on his line in less than a minute. But after a first header pushed back from Douglas Luiz, the Brazilian goalkeeper can do nothing in front of his opponent who comes to resume at close range!! Klopp is prostrate in front of his bench.

The Reds to quit or double

In the home stretch of their incredible season, with a Champions League final to be played against Real Madrid on May 28, Liverpool are double or quits tonight. His dream of a quadruple, still possible, is conditional on a positive result against the Villans of Steven Gerrard, former legend of the Reds.

Let’s go to Birmingham! (0-0)

It is the Reds who kick off this cleaver match for Jürgen Klopp’s players!

Kick-off is imminent!

The players enter the lawn of Villa Park, accompanied by the referee of the meeting, Jonathan Moss.

The line-ups fell, Salah replacing the Reds side

AstonVilla: Martinez – Cash, Konsa, Mings, Digne – McGinn, Nakamba, Douglas Luiz – Ings, Coutinho, Watkins.

Subs: Sanson, Buendia, Traore, Chambers, Young, Olsen, Chukwuemeka, Chrisene, Iroegbunam

Liverpool: Alisson – Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Van Dijk, Tsimikas – Keita, Fabinho, Jones – Diaz, Jota, Mané.

Subs: Konaté, Alcantara, Milner, Firmino, Salah, Gomez, Henderson, Origi, Kelleher

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Goodnight all !

Welcome to RMC Sport to follow Aston Villa-Liverpool (9 p.m.). A late match of the 33rd day of the Premier League, and a match of the (almost) last chance for the Reds.

Held in check by Tottenham last Saturday (1-1), Liverpool are indeed three points behind Manchester City after 35 games played out of 38. The Skyblues will travel to Wolverhampton on Wednesday evening.

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