The return of canine competition in Rimouski

Nearly 200 dogs from all over North America will parade this weekend during the great return of canine competition in Rimouski, after two years of absence.

The competition is expecting participants from Nova Scotia and the United States, among others.

Fans are invited to attend the competition, a perfect opportunity to refine their knowledge of the different dog breeds. Moreover, nearly 200 dogs of about fifty different breeds are expected at the event, to the delight of the participants who were eager for the return of the competition.

“It allows me to get work and do social work. In addition, it allows me to see several breeds of dogs,” said one of the participants.

To win this competition, his dog will have to collect as many points as possible by participating in the tests.

“If you want to win a beauty contest, your dog must be in good physical and mental condition. It represents a lot of investment,” explained Michèle Gauvin, president of the Club canin du Bas-Saint-Laurent, which organizes the competition in Rimouski.

“We invite people to come and watch the events, but above all to ask questions,” she added.

Information kiosks as well as several companies will be on site until Sunday.

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