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The reunion of this granny with her cat who disappeared for 4 years is moving

An elderly woman living in Italy lost her house and her cat in an earthquake a few years ago. Amid the damage caused by the terrible disaster, the woman was unable to find her cat, until recently. Indeed, Dora, who has never stopped looking for her beloved pet, finds her missing cat after four years.

Dora’s friend, Mimma Bei, wrote on her social media:

“Our dear Dora never stopped looking for him, who knows where he had been for so long. »

A woman and her cat reunite

Dora lost her beloved pet amid the chaos caused by the earthquake, which was devastating for her; she thought she would never see him again. For this woman, her pet is part of her family and has given her love for years.

Dora couldn’t believe it! Indeed, after four years, her pet had returned home. The adorable feline no longer wanted to leave the arms of his mistress when he found her. They were so happy to be together again.

The cat was obviously in good condition, no one knows where he was all this time, but in his four year adventure, he seems to have eaten well. It was a beautiful reunion full of love. We are sure that they will now make up for those lost years and will never be separated again.

When the cat was over 15, the vet told Dorothy that the cute cat was in its final days. As she was very weak, they decided it was better to put her to sleep and so Gabby spent her last hours being cradled tenderly by his old friend Dorothy.

A few hours later, the grandmother returned home very sad about the departure of her pretty cat. She went to take a nap and never woke up again. The connection between them was such that they left this world only 4 hours apart.

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