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the revelations of the lawyer of the parents of little Gregory

The assassination of little Grégory Villemin in 1984 will have marked all French people. This legal case, which has had many twists and turns, was experienced from the inside by the parents’ lawyer, Marie-Christine Chastant-Morand. Friday August 12, 2022, she shared the striking memories of this investigation for

Throughout the legal case of little Grégory, it was the lawyer Marie-Christine Chastant-Morand who represented the parents of the latter. This is still the case today. She gave an interview to Gala.frwhere she looks back on the landmark investigation of her career. Jean-Paul Moulin the firefighter who pulled Grégory’s lifeless body out of the water, will also remember all his life what he felt. “It marked me forever“, he affirmed.

sordid facts

The lawyer remembers many facts that will remain forever in her memory. The 4-year-old boy was found dead in Vologne, the Grand-Est river in the Vosges. The lifeless body was bound by cords. “This little boy, at 4 and a half, had done no harm to anyone“, she recalls.

The media hypearound the case will have caused a lot of damage for the family but also for the investigation. “We even went so far as to steal Grégory’s photograph from his grave…“, laments the lawyer.

A case never solved

In almost 40 years, the case still has no culprit. Some “ravenblackmailed the child’s parents. For a time, the parents thought they knew his identity, but in vain. Surprising techniques have even been put in place to try to unravel this mystery.

The father of the family has resigned himself to emptying his son’s grave and the family moved to the Paris region, in Essonne, to escape media coverage. However, they never stopped fighting to find out the truth. The lawyer confirms it, the legal case will continue to be talked about because the file is not closed. “So there was a second reopening and this same reopening is still in progress.“, she indicates.

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