The Saint-Lin–Laurentides SPA denies being a puppy mill

Despite numerous criticisms from clients, two administrators of the SPA Régionale Saint-Lin–Laurentides deny being a puppy mill and maintain that there is no animal abuse in their home.

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President Valérie Morin and her daughter Vanessa Subranni are categorical: the majority of litters of puppies come from Aboriginal communities in Abitibi.

They say they do business with an organization in a remote region, from which Morin has also served as a director in the past.

The others come from places that cannot afford to take care of their animals or stray dogs, says the president.

The interior of the regional SPA kennel, in Saint-Lin–Laurentides.

Photo Charles Mathieu

The interior of the regional SPA kennel, in Saint-Lin–Laurentides.

“It’s all there in our records. We don’t buy our dogs and we don’t breed them. We have no other places than here, ”says Vanessa Subranni, who is administrator of the NPO.

However, MAPAQ has twice condemned their companies for non-compliant registers.

It’s expensive but…

Not to mention that several customers have denounced the high prices of this SPA. According to Valérie Morin, the organization does not rely only on donations, but also on the price of its animals to ensure that it can continue its activities and be able to pay its employees.

“Currently, we are not able to do otherwise than this price. We have no choice,” adds Subranni.

However, they say they have things to change, especially in terms of communication. Mme Subranni believes they should go the extra mile to tell customers “the reasons behind that price.”

They say that there are no dead dogs in their establishments and that all animals receive the necessary care.

A pup sold as a Boston Terrier mix, but ultimately a mix of Staffordshire, Belgian Malinois and Bullmastiff.

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A pup sold as a Boston Terrier mix, but ultimately a mix of Staffordshire, Belgian Malinois and Bullmastiff.

The City of Saint-Lin–Laurentides broke all business ties with the Regional SPA yesterday, following testimonials targeting them circulating on social networks.

Another SPCA in the region will temporarily provide pet licensing services until a permanent solution is found.

“The management team is heart with each citizen claiming to have experienced a particular situation with the Regional SPA and is deeply saddened by these events”, specifies the director of communications of the City, Marilyn Laroche.

The City of Saint-Colomban has also decided to sever its ties with the organization.

The viral publications which made them lose contracts with certain cities do not reflect the reality within the Regional SPA, according to the managers of the establishment.

Ms. Subranni notably maintains that a client’s dog, which was supposed to be a Boston terrier, but which turned out to be three times larger, had been seen by a veterinarian and that it is possible that errors are made at this level. .

The two claim to be currently in crisis management. They open the door to several solutions, such as a change of managers and the creation of an advisory committee. They say they are open to constructive feedback.

“Is there room for improvement? Surely. Are we ready to receive comments? Yes, but not death threats,” says Subranni.

A demonstration aimed at closing the SPA is planned on the site of the Lanaudière refuge in the coming days. Yesterday, more than 1000 people already showed interest in participating in this peaceful demonstration.

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