The sandwich institution in Metz Steinhoff closes four of its stores

The information spread like wildfire on social networks on Monday. The Steinhoff sandwich brand, well known to the Messins, is closing several of its points of sale on Tuesday. the historic kiosk in Place Saint-Jacques, which opened in 1971, is maintainedas well as the stores of Creutzwald, opened a few weeks ago, and of the Zac de Jouy-aux-Arches created in 2021.

On the other hand, the sites route de Woippy, avenue de Plantières, place de la République and the Saint-Jacques shopping center will definitely drop the curtain.

The kiosk in Place Saint-Jacques remains open. © Radio France
Vianney Smiarowski


Alain-Raymond Steinhoff, who took over the reins of the company from his father Alain, did not wish to extend when France Bleu Lorraine contacted him by telephone on Monday. He just confirmed the information, explaining that the Covid-19 health crisis had its share of responsibility in this “difficult episodefor him and his family.

The stores will be taken over, probably by other fast food brands. But many employees will lose their jobs.

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