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the shadow of Eric Dupond-Moretti hangs over the disciplinary hearing of judge Levrault

Apparently, the case is over. The signs of appeasement launched at the end of this disciplinary hearing on the part of the director of judicial services (DSJ) with regard to Edouard Levrault, a former investigating judge seconded to Monaco, carry the sweet taste of the good resolutions of return: “I ask you to uphold the grievances but to say that there is no reason for sanctions”concluded the DSJ. ” All that for this ! »then throws someone in the audience.

However, the debates that took place this Wednesday, August 31 before the disciplinary training of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSM) offered an unexpected spectacle. In a single day, the tribulations of a French judge sent to Monaco, who is accused of having failed in his obligations of reserve by expressing his dismay to journalists, were exposed pell-mell, the weight of cases where millions waltz , the role of the media and especially the omnipresence shadow of a lawyer who has become a Keeper of the Seals…

Also, do not rely on the epilogue: if the director of judicial services concluded the day by asking the sages of the CSM not to pronounce any sanction against the judge, this peace of the brave does not reflect the intensity of the stories who marched during this hearing.

“An institution that arranges”

To fully understand the soap opera that was played out in front of the CSM, it is first necessary to present Edouard Levrault, magistrate by profession, born in 1977 in Paris and today vice-president

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