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The SRPA no longer accepts withdrawals

On August 8, the cat celebrated its international day. On August 17, the black cat had its own dedicated day. On this occasion, the SRPA of Liège calls for adoption.

With 266 cats welcomed into its premises, and 34 cats for adoption, the Liège refuge has reached saturation point. So that “we had to take the heavy decision, temporarily, not to accept any more abandonmentsexplains Fabrice Renard, inspector at SRPA Liège. We had to postpone the appointments already made, the time that places become available”.

“On average, five to six cats enter the shelter each day.notes the manager. Most cats are collected from the public highway and never claimed. What happened to them? We’ll never know. Others, on the other hand, have known true happiness and lost everything overnight.” Before they are put up for adoption, each cat goes through a phase of quarantine, care, and sterilization if necessary.

More adoptions

Since the beginning of the year, “we have more dropouts than in other years”, observes Fabrice Renard. Conversely, “We placed more cats for adoption. Between May and July alone, we placed around thirty more cats for adoption in a family”.

The shelter reminds us that adopting a cat means saving two: “The one who will join your home and the one who will take their place. But don’t forget, adoption is an act that must be carefully considered because a cat can live up to 20 years!”

All the cats to adopt can be found on the SRPA website: Adoption costs: 120 euros (sterilized, chipped and vaccinated).

The refuge is accessible at from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Saturday.

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