the success of food trucks

With 65 Buxerolles restaurant trucks until Sunday, the Food Trucks Festival 86 reflects the rise in power of a consumer trend.

Impossible to miss his stature as a former professional volleyball player in Belgium in the alleys of the Parc des Bizais, Buxerolles. Frdric Brousse, organizer of the Food Trucks Festival 86, made an impression and caused a stir by bringing together on the same site, from Thursday until Sunday evening, 65 restaurant trucks from all over France.
We have a big-mouthed image of me, but I tell people, come and discover me. You will see, I have a good background, has fun the interested, passionate above all, who made his first service in food truck Poitiers August 31, 2015.
The free side of the seductive food truck Since then, to have smelled the potential of this nomadic activity before anyone else, the business of this giant has grown a lot (1). The success of food trucks comes from this freedom to come, to choose what you want, to eat where you want. I find it great to highlight this atmosphere. The customer, we will also look for him by changing location. And you can’t lie to him about the food. We do everything in front of him, it’s reassuring. If the product is good, people will talk about it. We are in a world of social networks where we talk, we talk, we talk…
Him, the first. Me, I’m a network madman. We like it or we don’t like it, but at least I say what I think. I’m stuck with a businessman label? It is not with this kind of event that I will become a millionaire. it gives me notoriety but what I never thought I would do is make people happy and it’s a huge pleasure. He estimates that the department lists about 20 to 25 food trucks. strong dominant burgers. Pizza, sushi, crole cooking, a lot too. So many competitors? No. The world attracts the world, from the moment we do it in good intelligence.
We spend the evening with the family, it’s happiness For Frdric Brousse, the phenomenon is here to stay. On Friday and Saturday, our pitches are taken by storm. People have fun taking home a good, ready-made dish that they share with the kids. It’s a friendly moment that you had before at the restaurant. We spend the evening with the family and it is happiness.
Info: Facebook Food Trucks Festival 86. Admission free. (1) 39 locations in 25 municipalities with more than 3,000 inhabitants.

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