The surprising reaction of 3 cats getting to know the newborn of the family (video)

When the family cats finally got to meet their owners’ newborn child, they had a somewhat surprising reaction. Clearly disconcerted, they took time to understand what was happening to them.

The arrival of a baby at home requires careful preparation when you have a cat. This is all the more true when you have several. The goal is to ensure that the animals are not disturbed by this event and to give them time to assimilate the information, to get used to the presence of their child with his cries, his movements, his smell.

The meeting between felines and newborns is never something trivial. This is what we can realize by discovering the video in question here, posted on TikTok where it went viral and relayed by Newsweek.

The mother of the child is called brigettaa.k.a @threecrazycats3 on TikTok. She shared the footage on June 29, and it has racked up 1.8 million views since then.

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We see the baby asleep in his car seat on the ground, while the 3 cats of the family come to meet him. The first ventures to approach the infant, but he is content to stare at him, remaining completely still. The second, whose two-tone dress resembles his, prefers to stand a little further away and is clearly not reassured. Moreover, as soon as it is caressed, it flees.

As for 3ewith his red coat, he is a little more enterprising than his congeners, but we still feel some hesitation in him too.


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brigetta explains that one of these cats had been picked up in the street, and that the other 2 had been rescued from a pet store.

A week later, the cats’ attitude towards the baby has changed a lot

Generally, specialists advise parents to give their cats time to discover the baby at their own pace. They need to sniff the child, stay away if they want to, and go back when they feel the need to. They should never be held back or forced to go towards the newborn.

In another video posted a week later, a series of photos and footage show Brigette’s cats much more relaxed alongside the baby.

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