The tables of power: where do our politicians eat? Here are their favorite restaurants

Tell me what you eat, I’ll tell you who you are. Quinoa, papaya juice for the greens, champagne and caviar for the blues and burgers and fries for the reds would caricature gossip too quickly. If the habit does not make the monk, the political color does not make up the plate either. Ecologists, liberals, socialists,… do not choose their restaurant according to the image that their party could convey.

HQ, canteens, favourites… so what are our politicians’ favorite restaurants? A brief overview.

Starting with the head of government. Function of Prime Minister obliges, Alexander DeCroo says he spends almost every lunchtime at the 16 rue de la Loi for efficiency reasons. “He rarely does it alone. Most of the time, he is surrounded by collaborators. Lunch, at 16, is often a time for brainstorming and work. Holidays are ‘dumplings with tomato sauce’ days or ‘vol-au-vent’. When he receives a foreign Head of State, the Prime Minister does so most of the time at the Résidence du Lambermont. It is then the head of cabinet Kwinten De Paepe who starts cooking To quote a recent restaurant, this was at the Beautiful Market GardenerPlace Sainte-Catherine.


Rather trendy fastfood, the president of the MR, Georges Louis Bouchez says he is a big fan of Five Guysin the center of Brussels. “I also really like pasta from Dolce Amaro in Saint-Gilles or the brewery The Excelsior of Mons which marked my career a lot. I only go to the starred restaurant when I am invited. Not out of stinginess, but because it is not my personal pleasure to spend hours at the table even if I obviously admire the work of great cooks.”

At Roberto’s in Legs, we taste the best gorgonzola cutlets in the world!”assures the president of the Committed, Maxime Prevot. “For the gastro, at sit down in Namur for the talent of Charles Jeandrain or at kitchen fragrance in the center. At Zorba in Legs, the grilled meats and moussaka are legendary.”

The tables of power: where do our politicians eat?  Here are their favorite restaurants

More traditional, Minister Ecolo Zakia Khattabi is faithful to the Mirabelle plumhis HQ in the cemetery of Ixelles. “I like the diversity of the clientele, I like the menu and the friendliness of this place. On the Parliament side, I like The Manger and Brussels and beyond. When I go to a restaurant with other politicians, it’s not for the content of the plate, but rather for the shared moment. It also makes it possible to remove certain barriers, these informal moments are important in political life.

Minister of Mobility, Georges Gilkinet told him to be a follower of Tandemcaféin Saint-Josse, a place dedicated to cycling.

True to form, Elio Di Rupo always frequent the Bocconi, famous Italian from the heart of the capital. “He used to go there when he was Prime Minister and still goes there today.

The tables of power: where do our politicians eat?  Here are their favorite restaurants

Fan of the veggie burger Cafe Walvisthe co-president of Ecolo Rajae Maouane tells us to fall for the beetroot mayo that accompanies it. “I also often go to Salt and Honey on the side of the Gare du Nord, at Taspi snack in Molenbeek, Damascus Days and at the Kasbahrue Antoine Dansaert because their couscous is very similar to my mom’s.”

Another style, another decor, the Minister MR Matthew Michael frequents regularly The Skyline in Chaumont-Gistoux. “Not only is the food excellent, but it is also the restaurant of young talent Alessandro Ciriello. I also like to go At Louis in Glimes.

Socialist Federal Minister Karine Lalieux she says she never organizes a political meeting at the restaurant. On the other hand, she frequents regularly in a private capacity The Pizzicatoboulevard Emile Bockstael.

David Clarinval, he says he particularly likes the restaurant The little onionsrue de la Régence in Brussels.

In the north of the country, the president of the NVA, Bart De Weversays he no longer has time to go to the restaurant for professional meetings. “I rarely, if ever, have professional lunches on my agenda, I don’t have time for that. When I have the opportunity, I sometimes go to a restaurant with my family. So I like simple and pure cooking , such as that of the Public garden from Berchem, where you can eat a salad, mussels or a piece of fish.”

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