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The top 3 felines most people have never seen

Felines or Felidae represent a family of carnivorous mammals. Although there are many species of felines seen in zoos and other animal centers, some are particularly rare. In this sense, here are some specimens of the cat family that most people have never seen.


Also called tiger cat, the margay is a small feline native to Central and South America. It weighs between 2 and 4 kg and measures 50 to 100 cm. Regarding its longevity, the margay can reach 20 years in captivity. Like domestic cats, he cannot roar. On the other hand, it purrs continuously thanks to the breathing. The Margay is a particularly flexible feline. In fact, this is one of its most characteristic traits. For example, its hind legs can rotate up to 180 ohallowing him to descend a tree upside down.

clouded leopard

The long-banded leopard or clouded leopard is a species of feline native to Southeast Asia. It has relatively short legs and a very long tail, which can measure up to 90 cm. Particularly discreet, the clouded leopard is difficult to observe in the wild. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the least known felines. Although it is a member of the Felidae family, it tends to take shelter from predators like tigers and leopards. In addition, it feeds mainly on ground squirrels and hog deer.

The snow leopard

The irbis, better known as the snow leopard, is a species of feline with short, rounded ears. It is usually pale gray in color with solid spots and rosettes. Only visible in high snow-capped mountains, it is native to Central Siberia, Altai and Central Asia. On average, the adult snow leopard weighs between 45 and 55 kg and is about 1.3 m tall. Note that the tail of this species is also very long and can reach 1 meter.

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