the top 3 of 60 Million consumers

60 Million consumers has unveiled its classification of sausages. Here are the three best references of the aperitif star product.

What is the best French sausage?

In its May 2022 issue, 60 Millions de consommateurs magazine issued its ranking of the best sausages available on the market. While the heat wave has been added to the rise in inflation and a series of shortages, aperitif time is likely to be salty with sausages displaying 4.30 euros for 200 g. But when you love, you don’t count!

How to choose a good sausage?

The magazine, which tested about thirty different references of dry sausages and dry sausages (national brands, distribution, Label Rouge, organic references, etc.), took several criteria into account and then assigned a score out of 20: the humidity of the product degreased, the collagen/protein ratio, the total soluble sugars but also the composition of the product (quantity of fat, lipid content, etc.), its histology (examination relating to the quality of the animal tissues used in the sausage), the nutritional score and the labeling (if the salt and fat contents displayed correspond to the measured values).

In this top list of sausages, there are various varieties of charcuterie including organic sausages and Red Label and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) sausages. The reference with the lowest rating by 60 Million is a popular product: it is a dry sausage from the Les produits blancs-Carrefour brand at an indicative price of 1.90 for 200g. It brings up the rear in this classification for dry sausages with a score of 11.5/20.

What is the best sausage in the world?

Every year, since 2017, the best sausages in the world have been recognized by the Mondial du Saucisson Médaille Rabelais, the only international tasting/labelling competition for the best sausages. The 2022-2023 sausage championship will take place next fall or spring 2023.

In June 2018, 10 sausages received the gold medal. Among them, we were able to find three Corsican productions (Andreucci), three Belgian (Marchand), two Ardèche (produced by Gérard Viau and Christophe Guèze) and one Italian (I Salam d’Giors), as reported France Blue. The best sausage in France would therefore be found in Ardèche and Corsica!

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