The touching video of a cat who saves a baby left unattended on the road

The scene went viral on the social network Twitter. In the sequence filmed by a driver’s dash camera, a baby can be seen walking dangerously on all fours on the roadway. Until a tomcat shows up and springs into action.

Cats also show an amazing protective instinct. Several videos on the Internet bear witness to this, such as the world famous one of a feline preventing a child from climbing onto a balcony.

This time, the inattention of the parents of this child could have had dramatic consequences. Indeed, the baby of a few months old was left unattended on the side of a road where cars are driving at high speed. The young adventurer had managed to leave his home through the open gate, said Quinto PoderJuly 11, 2022.

A few seconds later, a passing motorist filmed the unthinkable with his on-board camera. A tabby alley cat appeared out of nowhere and stationed himself so the little human wouldn’t put himself in further danger. He indeed pushed him with his whole body in the direction of the sidewalk.

The worst has been avoided

As we can see, the tomcat’s act of bravery did indeed save the little boy’s life. The scooter, which swerved to dodge him, would have inevitably knocked him down if he had been in the middle of the road.

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The driver of the car fortunately stopped and went in search of the parents of the young runaway. The mother left shortly after, well aware that she had narrowly avoided the worst. The little one is doing wonderfully and did not imagine for a second that he had put himself in danger.

The video posted a few days ago aroused outrage in the community, but also moved and provoked their admiration. This caring cat has become a real hero in spite of himself.


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