The tribulations of Volt, a French Bulldog kidnapped from his home and found his owner 5 days later

The family of Volt, an English Bulldog, were in anguish for 5 days. The dog had been stolen while it was at its owner’s home, according to reports. Fortunately, the animal ended up being found safe and sound.

Florian reside Ostwald in the Lower Rhine. Very attached to his dog, a French Bulldog by the name of Volt, he moved heaven and earth when the latter disappeared. A story told by NewsStrasbourg.

On February 26, the young man launched an appeal for witnesses on Facebook after noticing the disappearance of the little quadruped. The next day, still via the social network, he provided some details, explaining in particular that the kidnappers of Volt were a couple and they had scaled the wall of his house. Florian then promised a reward of 1000 euros in the hope of finding his dog.

Illustration of the article: The tribulations of Volt, a French Bulldog kidnapped from his home and found his owner 5 days later
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Without news from the French Bulldog, he filed a complaint. Informed, the municipal police started looking for the stolen animal.

Florian indicated to NewsStrasbourg that he was at home when Volt had vanished, but that he hadn’t realized it in time. It was a neighbor who told her that she saw a couple stop to greet their dog, ” before it disappears from his field of vision “.

Later, passers-by explained to him that they had come across a lady with ” a big bun “, detail also provided by the neighbor, a dog corresponding to the description of Volt in the arms. Words later confirmed by other witnesses.

The reunion 5 days later

Then, on March 3, the municipal police learned from Florian that someone had seen his dog near the lake Achard. The police immediately went there and did indeed find the dog.

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Volt and its owner were thus able to find each other. The municipal police are delighted with the outcome of the case, but also with the ” solidarity movement » having settled into place.

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