The trick to choosing products that keep longer, you will save money!

If there is something important to check when shopping at the supermarket, in addition to prices, it is the expiry dates of the different products you are going to buy. This practice is even widespread among some shrewd and well-informed buyers. Because choosing the right products with the longest expiry date is sometimes the wisest option. Indeed, the longer the food has a shelf life, the longer it can be stored in the refrigerator and will not spoil quickly. Only drawback: when buying, it is never easy to find items with very distant expiry dates. In particular certain fresh and packaged products such as meat. However, there is a little trick to find them faster.

radius of the supermarket

Supermarket aisle – Source: spm

Generally on the shelves, the mistake that many people make is to serve themselves on the front line. And to think that the trick to getting food with a longer expiration date is quite simple: just think about how employees place products when restocking. More specifically, they must highlight foods that have a short enough expiry date to be purchased first. While the products that have just arrived in the store, whose expiry date is more distant, are installed at the back.

It is therefore a matter of logic and common sense: all you have to do is look among the items at the end of the shelf, those that are installed well at the back, to find products that can be kept longer at home.

expiration date

Expiry date – Source: spm

What you need to know about food expiry dates

The dates you see on food labels are usually not related to spoilage. In truth, they rather indicate the shelf life of their freshness, ie that in this period of time, these food products have a better taste and a better texture. Knowing that federal law does not require a specific date regarding the quality of foods, except on infant formula. ‌

Thus, you may see different wordings on product labels. How to properly decipher them? If you can get a good understanding of expiration conditions, then you can better interpret how long your food will stay good. In addition, if you store and handle your food correctly, it can be good to eat even after its expiry date printed on the packaging.

Sale deadline

Very often, refrigerated products display expiry dates on the labels. Stores mainly use this date to know when to remove products from the shelves. Indeed, there are various foods that you can still eat, even after their expiry date. For example, dairy products can be consumed without problems even 1 week after this date. Eggs, too, are safe for 3-5 weeks after the expiration date.

Here are some other examples of foods:

  • Milk
  • Yogurts
  • The different creams
  • Certain meats
  • Mixed salads

Expiration date

Expiration dates use expressions such as “expires on” or “not to be used after” for products. Best before dates are used on food products such as:

  • Infant formula
  • Baby food
  • Vitamins
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Baking mixes
  • Baking powder

These products have an expiration date, as their properties may change after a certain period of time. It should therefore be avoided to consume them or use them for certain preparations after the date indicated. Yeast, for example, may no longer be as effective. As for the drugs, they may not be as effective as before. Likewise, baking mixes, jams and jellies may not have the desired texture.

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