The trick to prevent cat hair loss

If your cat sheds excessively, this may be a sign of a health problem or a natural behavior in cats caused by seasonal shedding. Cats can lose their hair frequently like humans lose their hair. Their hair renews itself in cycles twice a year. But if you find hairless areas on your cat’s skin, it’s a sign of a disease or behavioral disorder. To find the origin of his problem, go to a veterinarian for a diagnosis. If the cause turns out to be mild, you can use this trick to prevent your pet from shedding throughout your home.

Here is a natural trick to prevent your hairball from leaving traces all over your home.

Why is my cat losing hair?

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Frequent hair loss in cats can be unpleasant. If your pet has a tendency to roll all over your house and on you, your home may end up full of hairballs and your clothes are just waiting to be cleaned.. The cause of this hair loss can be due to a poor diet, the presence of parasites such as fleas, a DAPP (dermatitis by allergy to flea bites) or even whelping in the cat. But some cat breeds also tend to shed more despite the seasons. If your pet’s coat scatters all over your floor very often, here’s a trick to lessen this tendency.

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If your cat is scratching a lot, it means that her coat is infected with fleas or other parasites.. This itching can then lead to severe hair loss. If the origin of the hair loss of your cat is due to these parasites, there are antiparasitic products to fight against fleas but you must have the advice of an animal specialist.

Here is a very effective natural trick to get rid of fleas and to prevent your cat from suffering from itching. To make this natural flea repellent, boil in 1 or 2 liters of boiling water, two lemons cut into quarters and let steep overnight. The next day, take a brush and a comb that you will soak in lemon water then pass the comb or the brush in the infested places of your cat. You can put your infusion in a spray bottle and spray it on your cat.

To prevent your cat from losing its hair, you can also add brewer’s yeast to its food. It is rich in vitamin E which is recommended for healthy hair.

Prioritize a healthy diet for your cat

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To prevent your cat from losing its hair, favor a healthy and high-end diet. He will have all the food and nutrients necessary for his proper development and his hair will be denser and shiny. Choose a cat food with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which provide it with vitamins beneficial to its coat and skin. Your pet is a carnivore so favor croquettes that have a lot of meat and fish in their recipes. Also be careful that your little fur ball does not suffer from dietary deficiencies that could cause intestinal problems. Remember to take him regularly to the vet to have him dewormed.

Tip: Before providing any natural treatment to your pet, it would be wise to seek the advice of your veterinarian to be sure that the remedy is suitable for his case.

If your cat is losing a lot of hair, first go to a veterinarian to find out the cause. This could be due to stress or flea bites. However, it can be quite natural in cats if they have long hair. Remember to brush your feline’s coat regularly to remove dead hair over the seasons.

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