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the ultrasound shocks the veterinarian!

When Storie crossed paths with Chris and Mariesa, her whole life took a new turn! A real twist of fate.

Chris and Mariesa are true dog lovers, and they stop at nothing when it comes to saving one. Even if it must upset their daily life.

This couple has already adopted 12 dogs, but the two lovers still decided to visit a shelter several years ago to see if there was a dog in need they could take into their home. True guardian angels!

Storie needed them and seemed to be waiting for them to come get her

When they arrived at the shelter, they immediately spotted the dog who needed them badly.

Storie, a pregnant dog about to give birth, refused to give birth at the shelter. She felt uncomfortable giving birth without the warmth of a loving home.

Chris and Mariesa wanted to give her a comfortable home where she could give birth in confidence.

The dog was expecting 12 little puppies!

When they took Storie to the vet and gave her an ultrasound, they were surprised to see that she was harboring 12 little puppies in her belly!

The couple quickly set about arranging a cozy nook for Storie, as they were sure she could give birth at any time.

To their surprise, the dog went into labor the same night, only 18 hours after being picked up from the shelter. You could tell that Storie was looking forward to finding a loving home for her and her little ones!

Storie and the couple welcomed 12 little puppies into their home. Chris and Mariesa of course took great care of the puppies before preparing them for adoption.

With the help of the shelter where they collected Storie, all the little puppies have found a loving home!

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