The Urssaf lawyer claims 161,222 euros from MM. Claude Atcher and Benedict Rover

In his pleading, the lawyer for Urssaf Languedoc-Roussillon did not get lost in considerations far removed from the subject which has occupied the 32nd Correctional Chamber of the Paris Court since September 7 (case known as Laporte-Altrad). This Monday, called to close the day of debates, Me Vincent Dony pleaded “didactics and figures”. “Social declarations have not been established since 2016. Score XV has not paid social security contributions since the first quarter of 2017. To identify the shortcomings of this company is to make an inventory à la Prévert: employment of person under the false status of self-employed worker, reduction of social declarations…” If Benoît Rover was represented on Monday, Claude Atcher was present on Monday in room 2.12.

To support his argument, the lawyer will insist on two examples. That of the wife of Claude Atcher, “Symptomatic of Score XV drifts. She worked for several years, she assisted Mr. Rover. It appears from the file that she did more: cash, bank accounts… Mr. Rover even transferred management powers to her. She would have done all of this voluntarily. We do not work voluntarily for a commercial company. She also had a direct interest since she was a “shareholder” of the SCI which rented the premises to Score XV. She was never declared. »

Second example: Baptiste Atcher, the son of the general manager of the GIP 2023, laid off not even three weeks ago. He was paid 6800 euros by Score XV. “The Urssaf checked if he was indeed self-employedcontinues the lawyer. The answer is no because he was deregistered from 2011.” Me Dony continues with the cases of other undeclared employees and then unjustified costs according to him (nursery and gym for Claude Atcher, parking, restaurants…). “This company made its cash on the back of Urssaf”, he summarizes. And the back of the Urssaf is ” the community “he adds.

It comes to the question of responsibilities. “Mr. Atcher shared the de facto management, it is obvious in this file. Mr. Rover’s statements at the helm removed the last doubts. When you work with Mr. Atcher, in fact you work for Mr. Atcher. This is why, under concealed work, I ask for the joint condemnation of MM. Atcher and Rover and claims the sum of 161,222 euros. » This Tuesday, after the pleadings of the other civil parties (Anticor, National Rugby League), the prosecution will pronounce its requisitions.


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