The very first Bistrot Top Chef, imagined by Stéphane Rotenberg, will finally open its doors in July!

On the menu, cult dishes seen on the show and cooked by former candidates! Launched by Stéphane Rotenberg and the M6 ​​group, in collaboration with the Bistrots Pas Parisiens, this crazy project will open its doors to the public on July 8 in Suresnes (92).

The first Bistrot Top Chef will soon open its doors! Credit: DR

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To all the fans of Top Chef, frustrated at not being able to pass through your television screen every Wednesday evening in front of the famous culinary competition to taste the gourmet dishes prepared by the candidates, your dream will finally come true! Yes yes, the very first 100% Top Chef Bistrot will finally open its doors this summer in Suresnes in the Hauts-de-Seine (92), on July 8th more precisely.

At the head of this Top Chef restaurant, Stéphane Rotenberg, the host of the show since the first season broadcast in 2010. The project, imagined by Stéphane Rotenberg therefore, the M6 ​​group and in collaboration with the Bistrots Pas Parisiens, is the opportunity to bring together the best of Top Chef in one place. “You can go to the restaurants of the candidates and it’s great. But the idea of ​​having some sort of Top Chef best-of in one place is pretty exciting.“explains the presenter.

Le Bistrot Top Chef, the best of Top Chef

For all the candidates who have passed through the famous culinary competition, this experience is a real professional springboard! Many have also opened their first address following their passage in Top Chef. We think in particular of Lilian Douchet who recently opened two restaurants at once! But until now, all these ephemeral tables or cards were personal projects.

With the Bistrot Top Chef, it’s a great family reunion! The menu is signed by many former candidates who will take turns to offer you plates from starter to dessert which, as we know, have made you drool through the seasons of Top Chef. “I intend to ask many candidates who have not necessarily made it this far in the competition to come, many have won tests or signed dishes that have thrilled the jury. I’ve called a number and many are packedsays Stéphane Rotenberg.

Who will be the chefs of Bistrot Top Chef?

On the menu, there are four starters, four main courses and four desserts, offered in a menu at €39.90. All these recipes have obviously marked the history of the culinary competition on M6. For the opening of the Bistrot Top Chef, it is the finalists and winners of Top Chef who will take over the kitchens! So we start with the finalists of season 13 (still broadcast on M6), Louise Bourrat and Arnaud Delevenne.

Camille Delcroix (winner of season 9), Victor Mercier (finalist season 9 and starred chef), Thibaut Sombardier (finalist season 5 and starred chef), Coline Faulquier (finalist season 7 and starred chef) or even Norbert Tarayre (finalist season 3 ) will also join this dream brigade. The most difficult will be to choose the recipe that made us want the most in front of our screen…

The Bistrot Top Chef offers a very Top Chef atmosphere

All the Top Chef markers will be present in this unique restaurant. Credit: DR

To complete this experience, the entire Top Chef universe will be present in this restaurant with a unique concept to guarantee you maximum immersion. The cult elements of the set will serve as decor at the Bistrot Top Chef, with in particular the iconic pantry which will be visible to all and where the brigades will come to serve themselves live. Everywhere, screens will broadcast the realization of the recipe during their passage in Top Chef.

But who says Top Chef says Black Box, right? Well your (second) dream is also coming true! Yes, you will be able to reserve the Black Box and immerse yourself in this cult event to taste a complete mystery menu in the dark, such as the candidates and the brigade leaders. Stéphane Rotenberg wanted to make this place a living restaurant with perhaps culinary shows.

To book a table at Bistrot Top Chef, get ready. Reservations will open just after the season 13 finale, broadcast on Wednesday June 15 on M6. They will only take place on The Fork platform, so take note of the appointment!

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