the veterinarian tells him the reason for his strange behavior

His female dog does not leave his toy

The female dog does not let go of her little pink pig.

Andi is a little Shih Tzu dog who fell in love with a plastic pink pig. This four-year-old dog, who was adopted by Jennifer, found this toy in a trash can.

Victim of a nervous pregnancy

“She was carrying him around the house, going around, crying and protecting him,” the owner told The Dodo.

At the time, the young woman did not understand why her pet was so interested in this toy.

It is finally, the dog’s veterinarian who will provide an element of response. Andi suffered a nervous pregnancy following her sterilization.

The female dog behaves as if she were pregnant

This phenomenon is a hormonal variation that causes behavioral changes in the female dog.

She will then behave as if she were pregnant when this was not the case.

“She also tries to nurse the pig,” Jennifer said. “Sometimes she forgets him, leaves the area where she is and goes around looking for him and cries. Then she finds him and heads to a new place to hatch him. It’s the perfect size, as her puppies could be.”

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