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the video is extremely sweet

A woman takes her 8 kittens in her arms: the video is extremely gentle

If you need a good dose of sweetness and love today, this video is definitely the one you need.

Nothing better to relax and calm down than watching cat videos. The one we invite you to discover today is particularly adorable.

On her Instagram account named “pearlsragdolls”, a breeder regularly shares content with her 156,000 subscribers who ask for more and more.

Kittens to chew

A few days ago, she shared a video in which she decides to hug her eight kittens at the same time. A veritable avalanche of sweetness and love occurs immediately.

In the comments of the video, everyone fell in love with the scene and the kittens which are absolutely adorable.

We let you watch this and take a nice wave of sweetness:

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