The video of a man who tries to kick a dog for no reason and ends up face first on the ground

On the sequence filmed by a CCTV camera, we clearly see a man trying to kick a non-aggressive dog violently, for no reason. Fortunately for the canine, he was very clumsy and ended up receiving the blow he was trying to inflict.

The video was posted on July 2, 2022 on a Twitter account which aims to relay important information (events, emergencies, alerts, missing persons) from a city ofSpain.

The cameras on this cobbled street recorded a scene that was both shocking and absurd. We can see a man walking around with his hands in his pockets. After passing a black dog by only one or two meters, he decides for no apparent reason to turn around. Suddenly, he straightens up and sends a kick with all his strength in the direction of the canine with the aim of subjecting him to a cruel act of mistreatment.

Fortunately, he missed his target, having misjudged the distance with the doggie.

His momentum knocked him off balance and sent him into a 180 degree spin. He ended up sprawling miserably, his head hitting the ground hard.

As can be seen, the attacker must have injured the entire left side of his body as well as his face. Indeed, having your hands in your pockets does not protect you from falling.

Throughout the scene, the dog looks incredulously at this ridiculous individual who ends up resuming his journey (probably in the direction of a pharmacy). The sequence has gone viral on the web. Indeed, it denounces acts of cruelty carried out solely on the basis of the wickedness of human beings.

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The video got a lot of reactions. You can read in the comments: ” well done “, ” that’ll teach you “ or “the good Lord has punished you”.

Let’s hope that this bad experience prevents him from repeating.


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