the video of the deadly attack on a stork by a stork shocks netizens

For several minutes, the foreign stork pecks at two youngsters, the third conveniently playing dead. She will end up killing one, before flying away. In poor condition, the two survivors were rescued by firefighters, according to France Bleu Lorraine Nord, then treated by the Sarralbe veterinary clinic.

Two “survivors”

“We took care of the two surviving storks after the attack of a foreign stork” and they “will be returned to the nest after some care”, indicated the establishment on its Facebook page. The two young people were able to return home from late Sunday afternoon, according to the Facebook page “Webcam-Sarralbe Télé Cigogne”, which regularly documents the life of the brood and posts a photo of the “survivors […] back to the nest. As Sarralbe’s webcam was very popular among stork lovers, many noticed the attack, leaving many shocked comments on social media, some in Italian or English.

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