the welcome rant of a veterinarian

If you use Instagram or TikTok, you’ve probably come across a photo of a cat in disguise. At first glance, it may make you smile, but there is nothing cute or fun about this trend. On the contrary, “it’s abuse” warns this veterinarian.

Hélène Gateau is a veterinarian and TV presenter. She is best known for her informative columns on animals on the show Can’t wait for Sunday, presented by Michel Drucker. Also active on social networks, Hélène Gateau recently gave a welcome rant against a new trend that is all the rage on TikTok. Which ? Disguise your cat to create buzz and gain as many subscribers as possible.

Outraged by this practice, the veterinarian wanted to analyze the behavior of a cat who had become an influencer in spite of himself: Mersha. In a video published this Monday, August 22, she explains how the movements of the feline demonstrate “signs of anxiety, stress”. It goes even further by denouncing an act of “abuse”.

“I decrypted for you the insta account of a poor cat who is disguised all day long! Share this video as much as possible, this daily and almost ‘hidden’ abuse of animals (because it seems funny and original) must stop!”


“That’s learned helplessness. No matter how hard the cat tries, it will not be able to escape its fate. He is resigned. This learned helplessness is also found in children who fail at school.”

“Let’s stop sharing these accounts, sharing these videos. A cat is not made to be disguised, it is mistreatment! But share my video, you have to open your eyes!”

Let’s not turn a blind eye to this kind of practice!

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