the witnesses are in shock and call for help

He gets out of his car at midnight and takes his dog out

Upa 06 – Urgence pour un animal is a network of volunteers who work for the animal cause.

In the late afternoon of July 24, the volunteers posted a message on Facebook asking for help.

Atrocious abandonment

Volunteers need their entire community to help them find a dog in danger.

They reported that on Sunday July 23, children witnessed a cowardly abandonment at Col St Roch in the Alpes Maritimes.

A man got out of his car with his dog before asking him to sit on the sidewalk. He took off his collar before leaving in his vehicle, leaving the animal alone on the road.

They are heartbroken

The dog ran after his master’s car, but he drove off without turning around or stopping.

The children who witnessed this sad scene recovered the dog and gave it water in the village of Coaraze. But the dog, disturbed by the abandonment of his master fled.

The volunteers of the Upa 06 – Urgence pour un animal collective therefore extended their research to the Col St Roch area and the Luceram, Contes and Coaraze sectors.

The poor doggie is in danger because he finds himself alone, delivered to the dangers of the road and in total incomprehension of what is happening to him.

The volunteers encourage the massive sharing of their publication, in the hope of finding the dog safe and sound.

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