The worst narrowly avoided for a dog locked in a car by more than 50°C

An association intervened just in time to save the life of a dog left by its owner inside his car. Inside, the temperature was 51°C. Within a few minutes, the animal would probably not have survived.

A dog was released in extremis from the car of his masters, parked in full sun and under the heat wave. A story told by KTVB 7 Tuesday, June 28.

The incident took place the day before, Monday June 27, at Wooded in the state of Idaho. Around 2:15 p.m. local time, a passer-by had just noticed that a dog was alone in a vehicle when it was extremely hot. Worried about the canine’s health, he called the emergency services.

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Idaho Humane Society/Facebook

An officer of the Idaho Humane Society quickly arrived on site. He filmed his intervention, and the video was posted on the page Facebook from the Association. We see the dog panting and weak, sitting in the front passenger seat of the car.

Inside, the temperature reached 51°C. Fortunately, the animal was freed. A note was left on the windshield to let the owner know the dog was at the shelter. His master did not return to his vehicle until nearly an hour after the witness was called. Without the alert given by the latter, the quadruped would probably not have survived.

The dog is doing well, according to theIdaho Humane Society. Others before him, alas, could not be saved.

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A dog who died a few days ago

5 days earlier, a congener had lost his life in similar circumstances in the nearby town of Meridian. ” This death was entirely preventable. This person chose to put their dog in a care, sorry Kristine Schellhaasin charge of communication at theIdaho Humane Society. We strongly recommend that you leave your pets at home “.

This time, the temperature inside the car was 64°C. The poor animal had no chance…


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