Theft of Lady Gaga’s dogs: four years in prison for one of the attackers and a suspect arrested again

One of the attackers was sentenced on Wednesday August 3 to four years in prison for the attempted theft of Lady Gaga’s dogs and the assault on the star’s canine walker. Another suspect, who was on the run, was arrested the same day.

It was over a year ago. In February 2021 in Los Angeles, two armed men got out of a car and violently attacked Ryan Fischer, who is singer Lady Gaga’s dog walker. Wounded by bullets, he could not prevent his two attackers from stealing the French bulldogs from the star. One of the three canids, Miss Asia, manages to escape and hide before rejoining her walker, but the other two, Koji and Gustav, are taken away by the kidnappers. The video from the surveillance cameras had gone around the world.

One of the attackers fled

The star’s two dogs were found tied to a post after Lady Gaga announced a $500,000 reward to get them back. The woman who had found them was, in fact, an accomplice to the trap.

The alleged shooter, James Howard Jackson, a 19-year-old young man, was arrested for the first time, but was released to the police because of an administrative error on April 6. Actively wanted, he was arrested on Wednesday August 3, the same day of the trial of his alleged accomplice.

4 years in prison

Jaylin Keyshawn White, alleged perpetrator of the theft of the dogs, has pleaded guilty and admits having participated in the attack on the walker employed by the singer. He was sentenced to four years in prison for his actions in Los Angeles more than a year ago.

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