“Their speech is very well established, it’s shameful”

The photo is very cute: a little white face to melt hearts. The message that accompanies it would leave few people indifferent.

” Urgent. To give. Her name is Lilo, adorable 3-month-old Maltese Bichon breed puppy to give for good care. It belonged to my mother who died of blood cancer a few weeks ago. Unfortunately the situation in which I am currently does not allow me to take care of her. Reason why I am looking for a new family who will take care of Lilo. I really need your help because it is thanks to your shares that Lilo will be able to be happy. Thank you for sharing as much as possible so that I can find her a new family, ”we can read.

►► In reality, this dog belongs to Shana, a resident of Tubize who studies at the ULB: “Ashamed to do that”.

►► This is actually a well-established scam…


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