These 2 kittens who became friends at the shelter will never be separated

Fox and Alfie are 2 kittens born from 2 different litters. Yet they created an extremely strong bond while living in foster care. A woman bereaved by the recent disappearance of her cat wished to open her door to them.

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laurena resident of Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania to United Stateswas saddened by the death of her beloved cat Leo. Since his departure in May 2022, lauren felt a terrible void that she wanted to fill by welcoming a new feline into her home.

So she looked carefully at the shelter’s social media pages. Kitkat Playroom with the aim of meeting his future furry companion.

That’s how she discovered foxan adorable long-haired ginger kitten.

“Love at first sight is an understatement”

fox arrived in the association with his mother and brothers. The little family needed to recover from a hard life as stray cats.

lauren wanted to adopt him, but had to wait until he was weaned. She therefore took her troubles patiently and followed her adventures carefully.

That’s whereAlfie entered the shelter. “The first thing I saw of him was biting his own tail, then he blamed himself for doing that. I thought he was the kind of crazy kid that suited me”said lauren at lovemeow.

She therefore sent an adoption request for the 2 hairballs to Jen Mackthe founder of the shelter.

The reception volunteer in charge of fox and Alfie was delighted to hear the news, because since their meeting, the 2 felines have not left each other. “It was like they both knew. They constantly slept together and had an indescribable bond despite not being from the same litter.has explained lauren.

fox and Alfie have integrated their new home together. The duo is inseparable. The 2 young adults share their cozy basket when it’s time to rest after wild games.

“On their first night home, they snuggled up to us and purred for 12 hours straight. They slept soundly and testified to total satisfaction”told lauren.

fox and Alfie now enjoy a life in a warm home. They fill with happiness laurenwho thanks to them, was able to mourn.

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