These 5 Foods Should Never Be Stored in Airtight Containers

Today, we are revealing to you which foods should not be kept in airtight containers.

You have just had a hearty meal but you find yourself with a lot of leftovers!

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In this kind of situation, the reflex is very often to store this superfluous food in airtight boxes to keep it in the refrigerator.

Contrary to popular belief, this is a mistake that we make because it is not always healthy for foodstuffs.

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Five foods you should never store in an airtight container

Whether plastic, glass, or stainless steel, the boxes, although very practical, do not in fact allow the preservation of all foods.

Here are 5 that should never be kept in airtight containers.

raw meat

You may already know this, but keeping raw meat in airtight containers is totally inadvisable because it could accelerate its oxidation process.

Butchers generally recommend using paper wrappings like the ones with which they usually wrap the pieces.

It is therefore best to use the packaging that the butcher gives you.


In good French that we are, we love cheese, including the most fragrant that we tend to want to keep in boxes to spare our sense of smell.

Big mistake because it risks accelerating the aging of the cheese and thus drying it out.

If you want to keep your cheeses in the fridge, there’s nothing like good packaging with plastic film or aluminum foil.


Cooked eggs should not be stored in an airtight box as bacteria could grow inside and make the food unfit for consumption.

The same goes for raw eggs, which can however be kept in the fridge.

The salad

If you still have some salad left after the meal, do not box it for storage as it may lose its freshness and nutrients.

Choose a salad bowl, covering it with plastic wrap. This is also valid for all raw vegetables.

The fruits

While some fruits should never be stored in the refrigerator, others can be stored in a cool place, but their storage should not require the use of an airtight container. You have indeed a vegetable tray provided for this purpose and it is not to look pretty.

Also be careful not to put certain fruits side by side as this can accelerate the mold process of some.

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